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How to Remove Ad.doubleclick.net from Browser


My PC has been attacked by Ad.doubleclick.net and the browser pop-up blocker is unable to stop the related commercial ads. I even tried Windows Defender to fix the problem but this also went in vain. It is very annoying and disturbing for me. The ads and commercial pop ups are spread everywhere over the screen no matter whichever webpage that I visit. How can I uninstall Ad.doubleclick.net from my browser? Please help.

Ad.doubleclick.net is an advertisement-supporting domain that attacks Windows based PC without informing the users about the attack. After successfully getting installed, it will start scrutinizing the browsing and Online shopping habits of users. Based on the collected data, the customized sponsored ads are shown and it lures the innocent users to click on it. When user is redirected over sponsored commercial websites through this links, the creator of Ad.doubleclick.net gets commission. This is how the related cyber criminals make money. Every single click, downloads and installation will earn money. It order to maximize the benefits, it supports aggressive advertisements, affiliate marketing tricks and so on. The removal of Ad.doubleclick.net from control panel, plug-ins, and browser settings will not work for you. Now, the normal web surfing will get totally ruined and you will not be able to do Online tasks smoothly.

Supporting Ad.doubleclick.net by clicking on its links and pop ups will definitely bring more malware infection in background. You may be asked to update your browser, Flash player, Java programs etc. but this is a spam because they actually contain malware infection hidden underneath it. So, browse safely and try to remove Ad.doubleclick.net as quickly as possible.

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