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How to Remove Ads by Currency Calc (Safe Browsing Instruction)

Ads by Currency CalcFrom past few days, I am constantly receiving notification for Ads by Currency Calc. Is it a legitimate program promotion? I doubt it because it seems like an adware infection to me. Such things are appearing over every webpage that I visit. Few a times, I clicked on the ads and it redirected me over unsafe webpage. One more that thing that I need to mention here is that I am unable to visit my favorite and bookmarked domains. So for me, the browser seems to be useless. Please help to fix this problem.

Description about Ads by Currency Calc

Ads by Currency Calc are the promotion of an app that will allow users to convert currencies from their desktop in a very easy way. But contrary to what it offers and projected, it is a potentially unwanted program. It executes so many undesirable actions that bring it in the category of adware infection. To begin with, it support affiliate marketing and is capable to inject marketing contents on every webpage that user visits. The user will not be able to browse properly because the sponsored advertisements gets spread everywhere over the screen. Users will constantly come across hyperlinks that could bring more potentially unwanted infections.

Many a time it has been noticed that Ads by Currency Calc tries to manipulate the users by showing bogus information related to deals, coupons, surveys, prizes and so on. It is shown only to attract the user and when user clicks on it, several malicious websites automatically opens in multiple new tabs. Most of the users are not satisfied with Ads by Currency Calc as it is disturbing and make browser to behave strangely. Hence it is advised to delete Ads by Currency Calc as quickly as possible.

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