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How to Remove Ads by Franzy Shopping Deals (Complete Removal)

Last night while Online browsing, I saw Ads by Franzy Shopping Deals notification on my computer screen. After few minutes, the related pop ups begin coming on every visited webpage. At first, I thought it will help in Online shopping so I clicked on it curiously but it immediately redirected me over a suspicious commercial domain which contained adult contents and was full of promotional activities and affiliate marketing. It was very disturbing and irritating because I was unable to do any work on my PC.

Ads by Franzy Shopping Deals are an advertisement promotion podium that circulates over multiple Windows based PC by embedding its files with freeware, shared network etc. In general, user rarely choose “Advance” or “Custom” installation option to avoid any kind of additional file attachments downloads and this eventually ends up in harmful malware infection such as Ads by Franzy Shopping Deals attack. Its aim is to promote particular group of websites to boost up its traffic and sales leads. Addition to this, it also tricks users for data theft and other illegal activities.

According to reports, Ads by Franzy Shopping Deals uses tracking cookies to trace the Online browsing activities of users so as to customize the contents and invites users click on the pay per click ads. It secretly amends the registry keys and drops malicious keys as a startup program so as to hide its detection for a long time. However it is recommended to delete Ads by Franzy Shopping Deals as quickly as possible.


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