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Remove Adware.Searchgo: Step by Step Tutorial

Has your browser been hijacked by Adware.Searchgo? Do you see suspicious plug-ins and add-ons in your browser? Does the default homepage and search engine been altered by a suspicious domain? Have you gone irritated with continuous webpage redirection and commercial ads? Go through this blog to know details about this browser hijacker and know how to uninstall it.

Adware.Searchgo is a newly detected browser hijacker that mostly targets Windows PC of European countries. Its threat level is very high and so is the number of PC it has infected. Its aim is to boost the traffic and sales lead of sponsored websites which are owned by its creators. It replaces the search engine with a questionable domain that shows sponsored results and commercial hyperlinks in its search result. Most of the search result domains are irrelevant to the search queries. It tries to entice you with its bogus deals notifications, commercials, inline ads, flash hyperlinked keyword and so on.

Adware.Searchgo often comes bundled with freeware and software updates and hence user needs to be extremely attentive regarding what they are downloading in their PC. Always choose “Advance” or “Custom” installation process while downloading anything in the System so that no unwanted files and apps could sneak inside. Do follow the simple steps mentioned below to uninstall Adware.Searchgo permanently.

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