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Remove Adware/DNSLocker.B: Tutorial for deleting Adware/DNSLocker.B

Complete Details About Adware/DNSLocker.B Threat:


Adware/DNSLocker.B is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) which also known as adware for its irritating behavior of commercial ads bombarding. The main goal of this classified malware is to promote sponsored websites. It redirects users to some websites, resulting heavy rush in the web-traffic of those sites. It is also used as money making tool as some ads are paid for every click. It fills the System with huge amount of advertisements, banners and pop-ups. They distract the minds of the users resulting in their time kill. Adware/DNSLocker.B is proved to be a severe threat for the System.

Adware/DNSLocker.B is very annoying and it creates number of problems:

  • Random redirection to advertising platform
  • Slow-down the Internet speed
  • Freezing Computer randomly
  • Alter the default search results
  • Always shows annoying pop-up
  • Replace the homepage of default browsers with some nasty domain
  • Installs its helper objects in the form of add-ons and extension

Adware/DNSLocker.B silently gets added into the machine and start ruining users browsing session. It will brings numerous other modifications in all over the System’s appearance and its essential settings as well. It will start annoying users by demonstrating lots of fake advertisements and pop-up ads. Adware/DNSLocker.B mainly gets added through bundled freeware which is installed from non-authorized websites. Junk mail, peer to peer file sharing, clicking on unusual links and sometimes social networking sites act as the carrier of malware. In order to get rid of all the above mentioned System’s issues, victims are advised to take a quick action against this malware and delete Adware/DNSLocker.B completely.

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