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Remove AFP Scam Virus: Effective Steps to Eliminate

Complete Details About AFP Scam Virus Threat:

My PC has been locked by the AFP Scam Virus two days ago. That is why I am unable to perform any task as usual. It tried to eliminate this virus many times but failed. I am so worried, Please help me:-

AFP Scam Virus

AFP Scam Virus is also known as “Australian Federal Police Scam Virus” which is developed by the remote hacker with the target to makes money through scam online users. It mainly attacks the common System and android devices like as mobile phone which user most use. Once this virus gets enters in to the System and android devices it makes them weirdly for the online users. Firstly it locks the entire System of the android devices and makes them inaccessible. AFP Scam Virus tries to threat online users by using its name Australian Federal Police in order to makes money. It will show the warning messages that you found to watching pornographic video so that you will pay certain amount as a penalty otherwise you will put in to prison for 1 yrs. What you want to choose depend on you.  If you want to avoid prison punishments you have to pay fine on time.

But in this way it tries to scam online users for the making money. So users don’t need to penetrate and never try to pay. There is no any guaranteed that you will access your mobile and System after paid. AFP Scam Virus mostly insert in to the PC via spam mails, freeware programs, junk mails, insert pirated CD, visiting suspicious sites. It makes the System so risky by inactivates the security programs. It also gathers the online feeding details including financial information for evil purpose. If your System and android devices get blocked by this virus you must take serious action to remove AFP Scam Virus as soon as possible from PC.

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