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How to remove akamihd.net hijacker (Manual Process)

akamihd.net hijacker is an aggressive webpage redirect virus which is controlled by a malicious web server. In addition to website redirection, it continuously generates random pop ups and unexpected commercials. It tries to create panic by showing ads promoting scareware and uses deceiving information to convince the user for buying products that is totally useless. It tries to convince user that that their System is in huge trouble and they need to use the recommended services for maintaining smooth PC performance and security from data theft. It is very clear that akamihd.net hijacker forces user to invest their money on products and services that is not required.

The domain name that the browser hijacker represents seems to be legitimate as it is very similar to domain which is used by Facebook to host the user’s pictures. There are many of its versions and sub-domains that have similar malicious attributes and challenge the smooth PC performance. It drops some suspicious plug-ins and add-ons in the browser and hides it to difficult its identification. It tries to track the user’s activities and browsing behavior so that a customized advertisement is bombarded. akamihd.net hijacker supports pay-per-click ads for generating revenue for its developers. Most of the anti-virus doesn’t protect the System with such infection and thus it is considered as one of the most terrible infection. It uses lures to entice the users and make them its prey.

akamihd.net hijacker has all the ability to pull together the personal data of users and then share it with predefined third party. Every URL’s in the new tab of browser automatically redirects over perilous domain. The crucial browser files are bargained and the browsing settings are amended unnecessarily. If you notice any of the traits of akamihd.net hijacker then it is strongly recommended to remove akamihd.net hijacker as soon as possible.

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