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Remove Anatel Ransomware: Complete removal Guide

Anatel Ransomware is very terrible ransomware menace which belongs to the family of cryptomalware ransomware. It is a very dangerous and hazardous Widows Computer issue which is operated by the members of hacking collective Anonymous. It is an Encrypted ransomware menace which is added with your servers and Computers via very deceptive means such as Spam Emails attachments, infected USB drives or Corrupted CD’s. When it infiltrates in your PC then automatically without any notification starts scanning of the Whole System and gets hide deep in the mainframe. From that location it starts encrypting your stored files and folders and adds its extension with every file. Anatel Ransomware mainly encrypts files in the following format:


After Encrypting your installed files it makes some changes in your Windows registry settings and altered the settings from which your security tools never detect it as dangerous malware. Anatel Ransomware changes your wallpaper and instead of them show you warning countdown which declared that if you not give the ransom money at given time then the whole Computer gets corrupted and you never gets your files back. But you don’t have to pay ransom money at any condition, because it is just a tactics to scare novice user’s and cheated their money. If you pay the ransom money there is no chance that they give back your files because the main file is deleted and the files you see in your Computer is just a copy of them. So, never believe on such malicious notifications instead of paying money to cyber criminals try to remove Anatel Ransomware from your Computer as early as you can do.

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