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Remove ANGRY DUCK Ransomware (how to Decrypt ANGRY DUCK Rannsomware Easily)

Simple Process to Uninstall ANGRY DUCK

ANGRY DUCK is a terrible ransomware that uses AES-512 cryptography in order to encrypt the targeted files. The files that get infected with ANGRY DUCK changes its extension with “.adk” extension. For example, if an excel names as “sampe.xls” gets encrypted then its name will get changed to “sample.adk”. This is followed by the change in desktop wallpaper with a ransom-demand message which asks user to pay a ransom of about 10 Bitcoins which is equivalent to $6484 which is extremely huge as compared to other ransomware of recent times. Since, the money is to be paid through Bitcoin hence user will never know about the cyber-criminals whom they are transferring the money. The decryption key is stored in the remote server hence user cannot access it unless the ransom amount is paid. Cyber-criminals strongly encourage the innocent users to purchase it by showing threating messages and panic alerts. It is strongly recommended that you should never pay ransom amount to cyber-criminals. According to researches, the victim doesn’t get the decryption key even after the money is paid. Cyber-criminals totally ignore the victim once they get the ransom money.

How to access the files encrypted by ANGRY DUCK

Since it is suggested avoiding paying ransom money then it is obvious that you will worry about your encrypted data. Well, there is no need to panic because there are alternate options. You can look for “Shadow copy” or “Backup” in order to recover the locked files. Additionally, you can even download some data recover software by spending few dollars. Why to spend thousands of dollars in paying ransom money if you can access the encrypted files with the help of data recover software which are often available over Internet for free.

How to Remove ANGRY DUCK

It is very important to uninstall ANGRY DUCK completely from the infected work-station so that it could not infect other files. Scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware that will thoroughly scan the PC and remove all the suspicious items automatically.

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