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How to Remove App.pckeeper.com (Simple Steps)

App.pckeeper.com is a dubious domain that is responsible for the sponsored ads labeled with “Ads by PCKeeper” and so on. Its intention is to redirect user over sponsored website and promote products, sales and services of associated third parties. Its developer makes a lot of profit and money through commission it gets from the host of promoted websites. If you have a proper anti-virus installed in your PC then it will definitely notify you with its related files and codes.

The intrusion method or the way of attack of App.pckeeper.com is very suspicious and secret. It adds so many unwanted plug-ins and add-ons in the browser along with it that helps it in executing its nasty activities. When you open your browser, the webpage automatically redirects over this domain and shows a bogus scanning report on the screen. According to the scanning result, the PC is infected with so many malware infections and it is under severe threat. It recommends you to download the security program such as PCKeeper to scan PC and get rid of all the suspicious threats. It is very clear that the aim of this browser hijacker is to convince user for downloading the bogus security applications that it sponsors. You will notice that the ad-blocker software of the browser doesn’t block the ads related by App.pckeeper.com.

Generally, this kind of malware gets inside the PC by bundling itself with freeware and shareware. They didn’t reveal that the freeware which user is installing contains additional malware attachments which it. The main aim of such no cost program is to download harmful attachments which are bundled with it. So, it is very important read the EULA page very carefully while downloading anything in the PC from unofficial sources. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to remove App.pckeeper.com permanently in easy way.

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