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Remove apps-security.info (Manual Steps to uninstall apps-security.info

apps-security.info is a bogus security alert window that shows result of a fake scanning conducted on your PC. As it claims, your PC is infected with malware and it is important to fix them. Next, it ask to make call on technical service on a particular number. This is a commission based service and thus it is clear that the aim of all these activities is to make money. The developer behind apps-security.info is cyber-criminals whose aims are to cheat and loot the innocent victims. It promotes itself as a genuine alarm that makes your familiar with so many severe issues present in your work-station. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid the message from apps-security.info. It will spoil your PC and your personal data protection will go in danger. The high commission based technical support services are totally useless. Don’t show any faith on such bogus report and technical call services.

The bogus message of apps-security.info looks very legitimate by appearance. It shows BSOD error code, Registry failure message and even Operating System malfunctioning message in order to convince the victim.  This is an old trap but still it is very effective to cheat the innocent and novice PC users. This is a best way of promoting bogus security programs and commission based technical services. Stay away from apps-security.info alert. If such messages are regularly covering your PC display then this means that potentially unwanted program has made its way in your PC. Scan your work-station with a powerful anti-malware and remove all the unwanted items automatically.

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