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Remove Bitcoinrush Ransomware: Complete Solution to Erase Bitcoinrush Ransomware

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Bitcoinrush Ransomware had infected multiple Windows PC around the World. Several malware researchers have considered it as one of the perilous ransomware menace. Like most of the ransomware infection, this has been also designed by malicious hackers to take control over the user’s PC and make demand of ransom money. It is deployed on the novice Computer users generally via traditional propagation techniques such as spam e-mails with suspicious attachments, fake software updates, and use of infected removal devices, malicious websites and more. Bitcoinrush Ransomware is really a very dangerous Computer malware threat which has potential to ruin victimized Computer badly and also degrades system functioning. To scan or encrypt your stored data in hard drive it uses AES-256 encryption algorithm lock all the stored files and the XTBL file extension.

Bitcoinrush Ransomware is very tricky ransomware your security tools and also anti-virus scan cannot detect it. Cyber hackers programmed it to encrypt the following types of files format: .3GP, .7Z, .APK, .CDR, .CER, .CHM, .MP3, .MP4, .MPG, .XLS, .PPS, .RAR, .VSD, .PPTX, .PPSX, .DWG, .TORRENT, .VSD, .XML, .SQLITE, .SQLITE3. Its main aim is to steal your money and just in case you are easily persuaded to believe in their lies. According to research, almost 90% of the Windows PC users have been attacked by Bitcoinrush Ransomware and they were victim of its terrible impacts. After encrypting all your stored data and files I ask you to pay ransom instead of locked files and the ransom money is about 3 Bitcoins. And it also display a fake warning message “you violate Cyber rules and now FBI locked your device if you want your System back then you have to pay ransom at given time”.

All the encrypted files gets changed by the Bitcoinrush Ransomware, it adds its extension behind the entire files example. For example- there is a file Vauxhall_Astra.png will be modified into Vauxhall_Astra.png.id-6313903031165247-bitcoinrush@aol.com.xtbl. But you don’t have to afraid from it, and never pay any ransom money to encourage Cyber crimes. Even, if you pay ransom there is no chance that they restore your locked files after all they are Cyber criminals. So, instead of paying ransom money try to remove Bitcoinrush Ransomware via reliable and genuine Windows malware Scanner.

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