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Remove buff.ly (Know How to fix buff.ly Redirection)

This page is the technical guidance on how to delete buff.ly ads and redirection during the Online browsing so that you can enjoy a smooth browsing experience. This virus has been puzzling the innocent users from past many days and there are so many misconceptions regarding this malware. This article is for all those users who are tricked by this nasty adware and they don’t know how to fix the issue.

buff.ly is certainly a questionable domain which further reroute over so many other malware oriented hyperlinks. Though it may look like a URL length shorting tool but it is misused by cyber criminals. When any legitimate URL is shortened, it actual domain URL is replaced with some webpage and ultimately user visits some porn and malicious website. Thus, it can be said that buff.ly is used by cyber offenders to boost the traffic of their sponsored websites. It is used to disguise potentially harmful links and distribute harmful malware. buff.ly gets a bad reputation because of browser hijackers whose it features to disguise and circulate harmful malware. So it is better to avoid such links and apps because the level of risk attached with it is very high. It can even exploit the security vulnerabilities and opens backdoor for the entry of so many other malware. So be attentive and practice a safe browsing.

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