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Delete Cerber 3 Ransomware: Compete Solution to Fix PC issues

Complete Details About Cerber 3 Ransomware Threat:

Cerber 3 Ransomware is a kind of noxious ransomware infection which is breaking out recently. This malware is especially designed by the cyber hackers in order to hack the PC and encrypt user’s personal files and data including images, Documents, PDF, stored media files and even e-mails. It adds a .cerber (Some variants add .cerber2 or .cerber3) extension to each encrypted files. By doing successful encryption, Cerber 3 Ransomware demands for a ransom money to decrypt the files. It also stated that payments of the ransom must pay within the given time (approximately seven days); otherwise the ransom amount will be doubled. During encryption, Cerber 3 Ransomware creates three different files (#DECRYPT MY FILES#.txt, #DECRYPT MY FILES#.html, and #DECRYPT MY FILES#.vbs) which contain payment instruction in each folder containing the encrypted files.

Dangerous Properties of Cerber 3 Ransomware:

  1. It will encrypt all the System files and data.
  2. Demand ransom money to decrypt the data.
  3. Stops users from performing any legitimate tasks on their own PC.
  4. Completely locks the entire System and blocks users to access the Computer.
  5. Disguise itself automatically in the root of victim’s PC to destroy it badly.

Cerber 3 Ransomware will demands you for 4 Bitcoins which is approximately equal to 2800$ USD. It also warns that they will delete all the encrypted files forever if they don’t get money in the given time. In reality, it is another trap set by the hackers in order to get more money from users. If you pay the ransom money, the creators of Cerber 3 Ransomware have chances to hack user’s bank accounts for robbing all your money. Therefore, experts insist victims to completely ignore its requirement and must seek help from other sources. So, here in this post you get best guide to remove Cerber 3 Ransomware permanently from any infected Computer.

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