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How to eliminate .Cerber3 extension from infected PC

Complete Details About .Cerber3 extension Threat:

If you got .Cerber3 extension then you must have to be careful. As it is a very dangerous ransomware threat and it can everything that it wants in order to generate money. This ransomware virus may severely infiltrate into the System and suddenly deploys unknown encryption extensions in several files or data. Some malware researchers have concluded that this ransomware threat uses various encryption algorithms which destroys or encrypts several data including documents, text files, images or other valuable files store in the hard drives.

After, .Cerber3 extension encrypts victim’s files; it creates TXT, HTML and VBS files named ‘DECRYPT MY FILES’ with instruction on how to pay the ransom to get files back. These ransom notes are dropped on every folder that contains files that were encrypted by .Cerber3 extension. According to these ransom notes there is only one way to decrypt the files is by using the ‘Cerber Decrypter’, which users only gets after paying ransom. The cyber criminals behind this ransomware ask for 1.24 Bitcoins to gain access on the decryption utility (1 Bitcoins= 654.48$ USD on average).

But victims don’t have to pay any money. Because, these claims are not trustworthy, if you proceed to make payment then it will record your credit card numbers and steal your all money for cyber criminal’s benefits. Apart from this, such harmful threat penetrates In the System through phishing mails, P2P file sharing links, visiting unreliable WebPages, clicking on fake pop-ups and some others. In such way, .Cerber3 extension commonly distributes lots of malevolent files contains several tricky program such as spyware, key loggers, root-kits, malware and so forth. In such situation, if .Cerber3 extension presents in the machine for long time, it may slows downs the system running speed and put the various files at dangerous condition. So, users should uninstall .Cerber3 extension by using some reliable Windows malware scanner.

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