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Remove CHIP or .chip file extension: Manual guide to delete

 Easy steps to Uninstall CHIP or .chip file extension

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CHIP or .chip file extension is a highly risky files extension virus which main goal to gain money for the hacker by phishing online users.  Actually it is a third party program which is written by the html code. It usually comes in to the  target system without any user’s knowledge while they will download freeware software like as video downloader, Download manager, PDF creator etc which users download through dubious website. It mostly spread from one PC to another system by peer to peer sharing files and other social engineering techniques. Once initiated CHIP or .chip file extension will take control over the system and encrypt all useful files like as audios, videos, games, applications and other useful files. As a result is that user will unable to open even single files? Later it will show popup warning message on your Computer screen to purchase description key regarding to decrypt all useful files.

But you will pay ransom cost about 1000 US dollar as a bit coins to purchase description keys. According to the researcher there is no any guaranteed the purchasing key by the hacker is a real? So users are highly suggested never try to purchase any key by the pay ransom cost. Users will may lose money as well as useful files. It is only a trick to hike private and sensitive details like as password, Bank account details, IP address etc which forwarded them later to the remote hacker places for evil use. Thus users are highly suggested to remove CHIP or .chip file extension as far as possible from PC.

Threat summary of CHIP or .chip file extension

  • Name: CHIP or .chip file extension
  • Type: Ransomware
  • Description: CHIP or .chip file extension is a types of ransomware virus which main motto to encrypted all useful files of the running System. It will demand ransom money to instead of decrypt all useful files.
  • Symptoms: All useful files encrypt with extension codes like as Mp3 as a .mp3

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