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Uninstall clkdboxtool.com (Solved Procedure)

clkdboxtool.com is classified as browser hijacker program which may seems to be a legitimate website in first glance. It is another variant of Clickadu.com pop-up. Its sole motive is to makes users to buy the full version of malicious Windows Cleaner from its links and claims to provide exclusive offers to the customers. It also provides a toll free number i.e. 09-877-687-0897 and asks the users to call on it in order to know more exciting deals. This site claims that its program will provide security to the System and helps the users to surf normally on the web. In the first look, nobody can identify that it is not genuine but reality is completely different.

This malicious domain clkdboxtool.com is created by third party hackers for promotional purpose. Victims need to know that hackers can monitor their Online session from the background and when they will proceed to make payments then it will records all their personal details. The worst part is that criminals can use your all data in their illegal activities which are extremely harmful for their personal identity. Thus, do not trust any of the alerts which are displayed by clkdboxtool.com during Online session.

Occurrence of this dubious site is very evident with new search bar assigned to browser’s homepage. In some cases, homepage remains same but at the time when you start searching Online, browser is redirected to unexpected search result. Mostly, this bothersome virus enters together with freeware programs. It is bundled with fake update programs, sponsored links, spam e-mail attachments and unsafe sites. That’s why Computer/Laptop works strangely. In short it is not good to leave it on the System, experts also suggested to use reliable Windows Scanner to delete clkdboxtool.com from the System.

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