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How to Remove CryptFIle2 virus (Complete Manual Solution)

CryptFIle2 virus is a perilous ransomware that secretly infiltrates in the System and encrypts the personal files of users with the help of asymmetric algorithm. User would notice that there files such as videos, images, emails back-up, Microsoft Office docs has automatically changed to “.id_[VICTIM_ID]_[EMAIL].scl” extension and they have become totally inaccessible. It uses two keys namely ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ keys order to lock and decrypt respectively. CryptFIle2 virus can lock the personal files using ‘Public’ keys but the ‘Private’ keys required to unlock it is stored in the remote servers and it asks users to pay some ransom amount in order to get it. Everything is crystal clear that this ransomware is a method to earn money for cyber criminals who have developed it.

When you technically notice the functions of CryptFIle2 virus, you would come to know that it creates HELP_YOUR_FILES.HTML and HELP_YOUR_FILES.TXT files in the encrypted files folders. This .html and .txt files contains messages and details about the decryption and gives proper guidance on how the money is to be paid. Generally, users are told to make an email on particular ID to receive the payment instruction. It tries to create panic among user by saying that if money is not paid within a particular time-frame then their System will get totally ruined and user can lose their important data permanently. Generally, CryptFIle2 virus asks about 0.5-1.5 Bitcoin as a ransom amount but unfortunately there is no guarantee that the locked files will become accessible once the money is paid. There have been issues and users testimonials where they describes that the still doesn’t able to access many files and folders in the System even after the ransom amount is paid to CryptFIle2 virus ransomware. So it is very clear that paying the ransom amount is like paying money directly to the related cyber criminals. Hence it is advised to scan your System with a powerful security firewall programs and remove CryptFIle2 virus from your PC.

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