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Remove Cryptocare (How to Uninstall Cryptocare with Simple Steps)

Delete Cryptocare Manually (Complete Solution)

Cryptocare is a yet another ransowmar which will cost you your personal files as it totally get encrypted unless you buy the private decryption key from associated cyber-criminals. Once this malware makes its entry, it does a secret scanning in search of the personal and most used files of the victims. It could be MS Office docs, multimedia files like music, videos and so on.  Its attack is very secret and it could get inside through freeware file bundling, emails attachments, file sharing network, external storage devices and so on. Cryptocare is capable to hack the entire PC thus user will lose entire control over their work-station.

Details about Cryptocare

Like a data encryption malware, Cryptocare uses the combination of symmetric and asymmetric algorithm in order to encrypt the targeted files. You cannot open them unless you have the decryption key which is present in the remote server. When you try to open the locked files, a .txt message appears on the display elaborating the situation of ransomware attack. The ransom note basically has an email ID, Bitcoin amount ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 and description that user was involved in some illegal activities hence their personal files has been locked. You will be convince that the ransomware notification is actually a fine which is imposed on you due to your illegal activities such as copyright content promotion, promoting child pornography, violating some governmental agencies law and so on. These are trick to create panic so that the victims easily agree to pay the ransom money as quickly as possible.

How to Remove Cryptocare

In order to decrypt or delete Cryptocare from your work-station, it is strongly recommended to scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool. This will protect other files stored in the PC to come in the contact of Cryptocare. As far as the access of encrypted files are concerned, this is possible when you have the decryption key. But this doesn’t mean that you should pay ransom to cyber-criminals in exchange of the decryption key. Rather, user alternate method such as using backup files, shadow copies of encrypted files or even use some free data recovery software easily available over Internet.

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