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Guidelines to remove .cryptz extension (Uninstallation Guide)

.cryptz extension is a type of ransomware that locks the personal files of users such as MS Office docs, music, videos, personal folders etc. and replaces its extension with .cryptz. When user tries to unlock the encrypted files, it shows a note which clarifies that the files has been locked and further asks users to pay certain amount of money if they want to access their personal files again. It has been developed by cyber criminals using very advance technology. To begin with, it scrutinize the activities of users in order to pick the most frequently used files and then lock them to block user from further accessibility.

Mostly .cryptz extension gets intruded in the marked PC by bundling itself with freeware package, games, software updates etc. and secretly gets installed. In order to create panic among users and to project it legitimate, it says that user was involved in some illegal activities and governmental law violation and hence their personal files have been locked. The ransom message could contain a clone copy of Official logo. The money is asked to be paid through BitCoin so that the identity of associated cyber criminals remains hidden. It may even ask you to take technical call support which further misguides and ask the innocent user to reveal their personal identity such as username, password, IP address and so on. Paying the ransom amount of uninstalling the .cryptz extension is not good idea and is totally unsafe. Opt for a proper anti-virus and deep scan your System so that any kind of harmful malware could get detected and removed easily.

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