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How to Uninstall DMA Locker 4.0 virus (Effective Process)

DMA Locker 4.0 virus

Are you unable to access your personal files and folders stores in your PC? Do you see notification related to DMA Locker 4.0 virus while working on your Pc? Are you feeling panic because it says that some type of Online crime is executed from your PC or IP address? Go through this blog to get all your queries answered by our security expert.

On technical ground, DMA Locker 4.0 virus is a file-encrypting ransomware that uses RSA-2048key along with !DMALOCK4.0 prefix to encrypted files. If you search about ransomware, you would come to know that they are special types of virus that lock the personal files and even the important System files and then asks user to pay some ransom amount in order to access it again. DMA Locker 4.0 virus usually asks user to pay 1Bitcoin which is approximately $400 or 280 euros. It tries to threaten you by claiming that you were involved in promoting child pornography, violation of certain government rules, or circulating some official files over Internet etc. It says that the ransom amount is charged as a penalty for all these crimes. However, this is a just a spam for cheating the innocent users. Though the ranomware notification seems to be coming from some governmental organization but they have no connection with it.

It is important to understand that paying the ransom amount is not the solution to fix DMA Locker 4.0 virus. It will again come back as soon as the PC is booted again. Additionally, there is every chance that you will not get the unlock key even after the ransom amount is paid. So, the only permanent solution to uninstall DMA Locker 4.0 virus is to scan your PC with a powerful security application.

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