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DomaIQ Uninstaller: Complete Technical Guide

DomaIQ There are many users who have accidentally installed DomaIQ in their PC and they are not satisfied with its performance hence they are looking for DomaIQ Uninstaller. This vermin is kind of adware infection that displays pop ups advertisements and commercials while browsing. If you have a proper anti-virus installed in your PC then it will get detected as Adware. DomaIQ or PUP.FakeFlash.DomaIQ. In order to activate itself, it drops .exe file named as launcher4.exe in the %Temp% folder. After this, it begins its malicious activities of messing everything of the PC. The browsing experience gets significantly degraded because every webpage shows full page screen ads through explicit photos, bogus ads related to weight loss products or adult items etc. Any computer that is connected with Internet is mostly likely to get infected with malware infection by one way or the other.

There are some installers and third party programs like Flash Player Update that usually contains DomaIQ installed with it. DomaIQ platform is used to promote various fake software and useless programs which ultimately cheats the innocent users. It host adverts and this is most disturbing part of this vermin. The browsing experience gets diminished significantly. It is strongly recommended to uninstall DomaIQ as quickly as possible with the help of simple removal procedure as mentioned below.

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