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Remove Dozensearch.com (Uninstall Suspicious Search Engine from Browser)

Is Dozensearch.com is a genuine search engine provider? Why it has become the default homepage of the browser and it is showing a lot of commercial ads and sponsored websites in the search result? Should I trust on it or remote it?

Dozensearch.com is a potentially unwanted program because it secretly gets installed in the PC by lurking itself with freeware, peer to peer file sharing, and torrents program. It negatively affects the web-browsing experience due to continuous webpage redirection and bombardment of sponsored ads. It forces the innocent users to visit unsafe websites which contains a lot of other malware infection with them. There will be continuous bombarding of sponsored ads and commercial which spreads all over the screen and it can’t be closed and controlled. Actually, Dozensearch.com redirects users over sponsored websites and tries to increase its traffic and page-rank. It tries to boost the sales revenue and thus it gets fund and commission in return.

Dozensearch.com installs some suspicious plug-ins and browser toolbar that spy on user’s activities and follows every browsing movement. This could lead to data theft and cheat personal data such as username, password, and bank account details and so on. It is involved in executing a lot of illegal activities and thus it is strongly recommended to delete Dozensearch.com as quickly as possible.

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