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Delete EduCrypt Ransomware from your PC

Name of threat: EduCrypt Ransomware

Category: Ransomware

Threat level: Very high

Affected countries: USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, China and others

Affected OS: XP, VISTA, 7, 8 and almost 10

Encrypted files: .txt, .doc, .png, .jpeg, .ppt, .xls, images, videos and others

EduCrypt Ransomware

EduCrypt Ransomware is categorised as very nasty and dangerous ransomware program which causes lots of big issues in your computer, once it get installed. It is capable to silently enter into targeted victims PC for the encrypting of files and data without taking your permission and approval. It encrypted all useful files such as text files, documents, PDF registry and etc. It told you that your files get corrupted due to some illegal works from your IP address such as pornography, dating site, click on unsponsored links, fakes updates of application and lots of more. It suggest you to pay some ransom money through the BITCOIN for the given certain time and get the decryption key. Otherwise, if you delay for the payment of money then it can transfer these all information of head branch of cyber-crime office that will take heavy charge for doing this penalty.

According to member of cyber experts, EduCrypt Ransomware is generally a fake and bogus infectious program which aim is to only fool innocent user for the cheated of their privacy and data. It is mainly intrude in your computer with the bundled of file sharing, spam email attachments, peer to peer to file share, downloads game, movies torrent files and lots of more. Apart from these, it can also invade its malicious extension toolbars in your browser like add-ons and plug-ins. It can easily track your browsing experience including searching history, cookies, saved bookmarks page, Online transaction details, bank account details and lots of more. It may transfer that information to the remote cyber criminals that may use it for their illicit purpose. Therefore, you must be suggested to eliminate EduCrypt Ransomware instantly from your computer to keep safe it for the long time in future.

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