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Remove .encrypted file extension (Easy Steps to delete .encrypted file extension)

How can I Decrypt .encrypted file extension?

In past few years, ransomware has become a major category of cyber threat. More than half of the cyber-crimes these days are related to ransomware by one way or the other. This is a very easy way of extorting huge money as ransom from the victim. The cyber-criminals locks the personal files with .encrypted file extension and it becomes inaccessible. They ask for money in exchange of decryption key which is very important to access the locked files. This is not a new type of virus but it has definitely increased in number and its victims are increasing. The early sign of its attack is the change in extension name of the files that it locks. For example, if your MS excel gets infected with .encrypted file extension, then its name will change to .encrypted file extension.xls to .encrypted file extension. encrypted files extension. In the same folder, a txt files is kept which is a ransom note. It asks to pay around 2 Bitcoin which is around $1000 dollar as ransom money. It tries to create panic in user by claiming that user has been involved in some illegal activities or has violated some important governmental law so the money (ransom) they are asking is actually a fine. The victim will be forced to pay the amount without 48 hours otherwise the amount will increase.

.encrypted file extension could represent any popular ransomware such as Cryptolocker, Locky, TeslaCrypt, .Odin and so on. From time to time, their new version comes with more powerful Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption algorithm. It is capable to scan the entire PC without permission in search of the files and application it can encrypt. Normally, it encrypts personal files such as MS Office docs, multimedia files, emails and so on.

How to decrypt .encrypted file extension

The first option to access the encrypted files is to pay the ransom money. If you decide to choose this process then make the payment at your own risk. There have been many cases in which the unique decryption key is not provided even after the money is paid. Additionally, your bank account details become public and you many face data theft issues. The other option is to clean the PC and recover the encrypted files from backup or shadow copies. You may also try free data recovery software in case the backup is not available. One thing is very important that is to remove all the items of .encrypted file extension infection so that it could not encrypt any other personal files in future.

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