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Remove Error code 0x80060402 pop-up (Quick Removal Experience)

Are you receiving Error code 0x80060402 pop-up on your computer display continuously? If yes then you don’t get panic as this is a phishing scam and a trick to boost the sale of bogus technical services and fake software. As it related messages says, user need to contact the with Microsoft Certified Technician through a suggested toll free number however the so called technician are cyber criminals who recommends users to make unnecessary modification in the internal settings of PC. This way, cyber offenders exposes the System for additional malware attack. According to Error code 0x80060402 pop-up, several important registries have corrupted and System files are malfunctioning and thus user will soon BSOD situation. However, you should not trust on such claims as they are bogus and is a part of scam.

It is strongly recommended that never download anything from Error code 0x80060402 pop-up pages. Avoid installing any kind of browser plug-ins and toolbar that it suggest because it may connects your PC with the server of cyber criminals and there will be issues like data theft. The fake software updates that it offers are actually a trick to cheat innocent users and helps cyber offenders to take your money. Additionally, it modifies the browser settings and constantly shows sponsored ads with the help of banners, coupons, and deals etc. which are totally false. It is even capable to use cookies recorders and key-loggers to record highly sensitive data of users such as bank account details, username, password etc. So, don’t waste time and take the necessary steps to delete Error code 0x80060402 pop-up as quickly as possible.

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