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Solution to Remove F1ey.com (Know How to Fix F1ey.com)

F1ey.com is making me mad because it automatically opens on the new tab as soon as I open the browser. It shows notification for programs like flash player which I had recently updated. It redirects the webpage over scam website which looks suspicious by their appearance itself. They contain malicious porn contents and promote embarrassing services and products. I ran the anti-virus but it found nothing suspicious. Please help.

F1ey.com is a webpage redirect virus and users are strongly recommended to avoid using it because it degrades the browser performance and is also a serious threat for data security. It allows cyber criminals to alter the DNS setting and thus allow third party to access and control the browser. It tries to increase the web traffic of its sponsored websites and get money as commission. It supports pay-per-click adverts, webpage redirection, and bogus scanning notification etc. in order to cheat the innocent users. F1ey.com will manipulate users by showing a lot of pop ups related to fake security alerts and bogus scanning reports.

F1ey.com offers fake technical support to fix the malware which actually are not present in the System. The highly charged technical support is useless and does nothing to boost the current PC performance. Further, it invites questionable programs and plug-ins in which compromises the browser and leads to data theft issues. Hence it is strongly recommended to delete F1ey.com without any delay.

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