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How to get rid of .flyper extension {Complete instruction]

Complete Details About .flyper extension Threat:

.flyper extension is a ransomware threat. It is more dangerous than adware, browser hijacker, Trojan infections or other infection that you probably not heard of. This type of virus comes to encrypt various files stored in victim’s Computer. While processing, .flyper extension changes encrypted files name with “.flyper” extension (Example- “image.jpg” will be changed to “image.jpg.flyper.exe”. it will encrypts your all files that stored on the PC. after successfully encrypting the files, it will change the desktop wallpaper, display a pop-up Window and create an unknown text file name “instruction.txt” which contains ransom-demanding message. These messages demanding ransom money which states that you are encountered by doing some illegal activity Online so your all files have been encrypted and you have to pay ransom of 0.5 Bitcoins (at the current moment 1 Bitcoins costs – 615$ USD). .flyper extension uses RSA-2048 cryptography. RSA-2048 is a very dangerous encryption algorithm, in using RSA algorithm there are two keys generated ‘Public’ (encryption key) and ‘Private’ (decryption key).

.flyper extension also gives you some scary messages that if you do not submitted payments within the given time schedule then the decryption key will be deleted and your all files will remain encrypted forever. But users should avoid following such instruction because it will not provide users any decryption key. Once you try to make payment for ransom amount, .flyper extension will records all vital details such as IP address, banking login details, account details, passwords, credit/debit card numbers and passwords and so on. In order to protect PC from further malware attacks, it is very necessary to delete .flyper extension immediately.

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