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Uninstall .fs0ciety extension virus (How to decrypt .fs0ciety extension virus)

.fs0ciety extension virus is a data encryption Trojan that is normally known as Ransomware. It allows cyber criminals to take control over your PC and starts altering its internal settings. First of all, it does a deep scan of System hard-disk and starts locking the personal files of users such as MS Office docs, multimedia files such as music, videos etc. The encrypted files become inaccessible and show error messages when user tries to access it. Basically, the error message shown by .fs0ciety extension virus is a ransom note which commands users to pay ransom money in particular period of time. In return, it promises to give the decryption key for accessing the encrypted files.

It is never a good to pay money for .fs0ciety extension virus encryption. Its purpose is to make money and cheat the innocent users. You cannot trust cyber criminals and make a deal with them. In many of the cases, they offered duplicate decryption key or blank file even after the money is paid. So, the best alternative method is to access the locked files from backup. You can also use some free data recovery software to retrieve the inaccessible files. At the same time, it is very important that the important System settings, registries, System files etc. remains intact. Scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware so that such malware infection doesn’t attack the work-station in future.

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