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Goodasfound.com Removal (Complete Tutorial Guide)

I found Goodasfound.com as the default homepage of my browsers (Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla) two day back and unfortunately I didn’t set it. I immediately knew that something is wrong with the browsers. I checked its settings and extensions and found some suspicious amendments in it. I tried to roll back the previous settings but totally failed. When I searched something on Goodasfound.com, it responds with phishing dubious domains in the result. I don’t know what to do now and how to fix this issue. Please help.

On first appearance, Goodasfound.com looks like a genuine search engine and is projected as if it is powered with popular search engine such as Google, Yahoo and so on. However, the claims are totally bogus and you will never get relevant result for your search queries. Rather, it shows sponsored websites and you are maneuvered to visit dubious malicious websites. Additionally, it asks you to update certain programs like flash player, media player etc. through a notification which contains hidden malware code with it. Goodasfound.com supports its creators to gain financial benefits by constantly bombarding sponsored ads and pay-per-click adverts. It tries to manipulate uses with bogus Online shopping benefits through deals, coupons, price comparisons and so on.

As said earlier, Goodasfound.com is an unsafe phishing website and you are bound to face webpage redirection after its infection. The normal browsing activities will get totally disturbed. Moreover, it drops suspicious plug-ins and cookies recorders in the browser that spy on user’s activities and tries to steal highly sensitive data such as bank account details, IP address, and so on. Thus it is recommended to delete Goodasfound.com as quickly as possible.

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