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How to Fix HELLOREADME16.TXT Ransomware (Removal Solution)

HELLOREADME16.TXT Ransomware is a terrifying and manipulative virus that panic user by showing messages saying that their personal files has been locked because you were involved in some illegal activities.  Soon, you will be blocked to access your most frequently used files and folders. Every time when you try to access it, there will be error message asking you to pay the ransom amount at the earliest. Remember that such warning messages are bogus and scam. You have not broken any government law and the message which you are noticing is actually bombarded by cyber criminals. HELLOREADME16.TXT Ransomware has clear motive that is to cheat your money by forcing you to pay ransom amount. However if you uses copyright contents, or visit porn website regularly then you should stop this immediately because this could be illegal as well as can installs additional malware infection in the backdoor.

HELLOREADME16.TXT Ransomware could penetrate its related files through multiple sources such as freeware, malicious website hyperlinks, corrupted emails, P2P file sharing network etc. It is an Online scam and if you pay the ransom amount then it means that you are cyber criminals to achieve their evil desire. Even after the ransom money is paid, the malicious activities will never stop. Next time you may face some other issue related to System malfunctioning and data security. So, it is recommended to use a powerful anti-virus in your PC and update it regularly so that such malware could never attack your PC in future.

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