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Remove Hi Buddy ransomware: Complete Elimination Procedure

Hi Buddy ransomware is recognized one of the most destructive ransomware infections which is stealthy in nature and contributes several problems on the targeted PC. It could commonly be obtained via social networking sites, comes along with free downloaded stuffs, third party software programs, P2P file sharing, Spam e-mail attachments and more. as soon as Hi Buddy ransomware enters into PC, it quickly locks the PC screen and injects suspicious codes into System root section to encrypt all the data files stored inside. Once it happens, users won’t be able to access their PC documents anymore and will always end being asked for the payments of money. It demands you to pay ransom money to decryption key with the help of you can easily decrypt your System files and documents. Users might give a very short period of time for money payment and hence, they will force to do it quickly.

“Hello Buddy! If you see this message all your important files are been crypted  What can you do? You can pay with bitcoin and wait 10 min for decryption! it’s very easy! Don’t you know how to purchase bitcoin? hxxp://localbitcoins.com it’s your place! If Antivirus block the crypt you’ll be unable to decrypt…”

Users need to be aware that Hi Buddy ransomware is only a scam of the Online hackers whose only aim to make illegal profits by fooling the novice users. It will also try to scare the users that if they will try to remove this ransomware then they will not be able to restore the files. Many users proceed to make payment after these alerts but don’t trust it. Even after making the money, victim will not detect any changes in their System performance. In reality, no private key can help you to recover the files which have been encrypted by the ransomware. Therefore, users need to take an immediate action to delete Hi Buddy ransomware permanently from their PC instead of sending money to the Cyber Criminals.

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