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Remove Home.prontofileconverter.com: Know how to delete

Complete Details About Home.prontofileconverter.com Threat:

Home.prontofileconverter.com is a rogue application which claims to convert various files from one format to other formats. Thus in this way it seems a very legitimate and useful programs. But after the research it found a very malicious program which comes under the category of redirect virus. It has been discovered by the cyber crook with the main purpose to makes money through irritates online users. The main purpose of this virus redirect users from genuine searching site to the other wrong web pages which having suspicious links without any concern. Home.prontofileconverter.com gets installed in to the target PC while users read spam mails, insert corrupted CD, Downloading unwanted program, sharing files through network environments and other social engineering techniques. It mostly target all popular web browsers including safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Firefox and other popular web browser. After that it modifies the internet, System and DNS setting etc.

Home.prontofileconverter.com has the ability to replaces the homepages and default search engine with the other harmful web pages which having suspicious links. It is capable for deactivates the System security and privacy as well as inactivates task manager, firewall and antivirus programs. It also shows fake error messages, alert notifications, and malicious codes etc while users surfing internet. It also monitoring online keys habits to steals personal and confidential information like as email-id, Password, Bank account details, IP address etc which later forwarded them to the cyber offender for evil use. It generates web traffic by the increases numbers of annoying advertisements with the aim to makes the surfing speed so sluggish. Thus it is highly recommended to remove Home.prontofileconverter.com without any delay from Computer.

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