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Remove HuntQuery.com [Complete Deletion Process]

HuntQuery.com is an Online portal for the promotion sponsored products and services. The pay per clicks ads which it shows is a way of making for cyber criminals. They get funds and commission from the related host of promoted websites. In order to maximize the links hit and sales lead, this vermin alter the important basic settings of PC both related to Online and Offline functionality. Suspicious codes and files are downloaded at the background and installed in the System hard-disk without user’s permission. HuntQuery.com will illegally become the default homepage and search engine of the browser and unfortunately will never give correct result for users queries.

Every now and then, the webpage will get redirected over junk and dubious websites and it is very irritating. It can be really embarrassing when group of websites automatically gets opens in multiple new tab of the browser.  A suspicious remote server makes a connection with the infected PC and allows third party to access the System in illegal way. There is nothing which HuntQuery.com could provide for the benefits of users hence it must be uninstalled as quickly as possible. Do follow the simple steps of removal as mentioned below.

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