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How to Remove IQA Browser (Manual Solution)

IQA Browser is yet another questionable domain which poses many of the attributes of browser hijacker. It promises to offer some special features and popular social networking websites shortcuts on homepage. It is programmed by “Big Five Groups” and innocent users generally prefer it due for their user preferences. It installs its files in a deep location and quickly alters the important registry entries and System files. Once you install IQA Browser, it is very difficult to uninstall it because it is a self-replicating infection and can easily circulate its related files in multiple locations.

The aim of IQA Browser is to replaces the default search engine and homepage to a particular domain that promotes sponsored third party domains in the search queries result. It supports affiliate marketing and pay-per-click ads and thus it get paid by the party that it sponsors. There is nothing that IQA Browser could provide beneficial to its users. Further, it can lead to data theft with the help of plug-ins and add-ons that it secretly adds in the browser. So, try to uninstall IQA Browser as soon as possible.

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