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Remove Ishtar Ransomware (How to Uninstall Ishtar Ransomware)

Decrypt Ishtar Ransomware with Simple Steps

In past few days, a data encryption Trojan named as Ishtar Ransomware is aggressively circulating over Internet. It has infected large number of Windows based PC in a very quick time. This is a data encryption Trojan and the name “Ishtar” is the name of a “Mesopotamian Goddess”. A famous Israeli singer also has the name “Ishtar” so there is a high probability that the cyber-criminals have named this ransomware after him. Ishtar Ransomware uses a combination of RSA-2048 and AES-256 encryption algorithm in order to encrypt the targeted files. This is a technical blog where you will get complete information about this malware and easy process to delete it.

About Ishtar Ransomware

Type: Cyrtolocker Ransomware

 Symptoms: Locks the targeted files and adds “Ishtar” prefix in its name

Method of Attack: Bundling and Social Engineering Tricks

Threat Level: Severe

Ishtar Ransomware is a typical ransomware that locks the personal files and data of users and blackmail them for money. Whenever, users tries to access the locked file, a ransom demanding message pop ups on the screen which has complete details about the encryption and contains details on how and why the money is to paid. It tries to convince the innocent uses to pay the ransom amount within 24 hours. As it says, if the money is not paid in the given time-frame, the data will get deleted or corrupted permanently. It executes its payload in the registry entries so that it could get triggered as soon as the System is booted.

What to do on Ishtar Ransomware Attack?

First of all, don’t get panic and doesn’t take any step in hurry. According to cyber-experts, it is not safe to pay ransom money to cyber-criminals because they will totally ignore you once the ransom money is paid. They will not provide the decryption key and will go on encrypting the other files. So, you can take help of “Shadow Copies” or “Backup Files” in order to access the locked files. It is also very important to remove all the related files and items belonging to Ishtar Ransomware hence scan you PC with a powerful anti-malware tool.

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