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Remove Jack.pot Ransomware (How to Uninstall Jack.pot Ransomware Permanently)

Know How to delete Jack.pot Ransomware

Jack.pot Ransomware is a dangerous data locking virus for any Windows based PC. Its intrusion method is very secret and one it settles down, it is bound to execute so many nasty activities. As soon as it settles down, it does a deep scanning of System hard-disk in search of the files and folders that it can encrypts. The selected files are encrypted or corrupted by changing its extension with “.coin” extension name. Once the files are locked, it shows ransom demanding message when user tries to access it.

The detailed information about the attack such as the time of encryption, algorithm type for data encryption, email ID for communicating with cyber-criminals etc. are not provided. Instead, only the messages are provided to pay around 3 Bitcoin which is equivalent to $2000 in U.S currency. On technical researches, it came to notice that the cryptography used by this malware is a combination of symmetric and asymmetric algorithm. So, it is impossible to unlock the files without the unique decryption key that is stored in a remote location. The victim is forced the huge ransom money in exchange of the decryption key. However, researches also confirm that the cyber-criminals totally ignore the victims once they receive the ransom money. Further, Jack.pot Ransomware goes on decrypting the other files and folders constantly.

How Does Jack.pot Ransomware attack?

The intrusion of Jack.pot Ransomware is very silent and simple. It comes bundled with freeware, emails, and suspicious hyperlinks and so on. The bundler will never reveal that it is containing any additional malware attachments with it. This is why, it is always recommended to read the terms and agreement and choose “Advance/Custom” installation whenever you downloading any program in the System.

Harmful Properties of Jack.pot Ransomware

  • Invades the PC silently and locks the personal files
  • Alters the basic settings of PC and download arbitrary files
  • Completely encrypts the personal files and data of users
  • Allows third-party and cyber-criminals to access the PC remotely
  • Downloads arbitrary files and codes that crashes the PC regularly

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