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Remove .Lock file extension: Quick Step to delete .Lock file extension

.Lock file extension.Lock file extension is a terrible ransomware and is another iteration of .locky ransomware. It will lock the important personal files like MS Office, PDF, music, videos and so on and asks user to pay a fine to unlock it. It will manipulate the user through claims that user was involved in illegal activities and hence their PC has been locked as penalty. It further threatens the users by giving time limitation to pay the ransom amount otherwise the infected System will get corrupted permanently. User easily gets fooled to pay the ransom amount and this end up in huge financial loss. The worse part of .Lock file extension is that the performance of PC doesn’t get smooth even after the money is paid. Instead, it will drop additional malware in the background including browser hijacker, virus etc.

Your work station could easily get infected with .Lock file extension if you are involved in suspicious activities such as visiting porn websites, clicking on arbitrary links and hyperlinks, click on questionable notification that asks you to claim for getting rewards and offers and many more. In the beginning, System starts behaving abnormally. The browser fails to open so many legitimate websites. External hardware fails to recognize by PC. Unusual error messages occur during the time of command execution. Hence, it is strongly recommended to delete .Lock file extension as quickly as possible. It is important to remove .Lock file extension and its related items completely in order to maintain the smooth PC performance.

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