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How to uninstall .locky File Extension (Remove .locky File Extension Easily)

Has your PC been locked by .locky File Extension? Are you unable to access your personal files and applications? Do you see error or notification asking you to pay some ransom amount in order to fix this issue? Go through blog to know complete details about his vermin and easy steps to fix it.

.locky File Extension is a newly iteration in the ransomware which is infected large number of Windows based PC in European locations. It is extremely dangerous and is considered as a worst practice of digital extortion by cyber offenders. On its infection, the personal files get encrypted and their names changed to random 32 digit numbers and alphabets followed by a .locky extension. It is extremely difficult to access these locky files no matter how hard is tried. The desktop wallpaper is changed with an error warning message whose text is stored in _Locky_recover_instruction.txt. This text files can also be noticed in every single personal files that has been encrypted. The text shows the recovery option and the necessary ransom payment instruction. It creates a panic by saying that decrypting the files is only possible if you have the private key and decrypt program. In a nutshell, .locky File Extension encrypts the person file content and encodes filenames properly by employing symmetric code.

The outcome of .locky File Extension is very severe. Now user cannot access their personal files like pictures, videos, documents and so on. The worst part is that the files still remain locked even after the ransom amount is paid and this happens in most of the cases. So, in order to fix the issue completely, it is important to uninstall all the items related to .locky File Extension immediately.

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