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Remove LowLevel04 Ransomware (Decrypt LowLevel04 Ransomware with Simple Steps)

Uninstall LowLevel04 Ransomware with Simple Steps

LowLevel04 Ransomware is a data encryption Trojan that is designed by cyber-criminals to attack on the targeted servers and encrypt data using RSA-2048 cipher. It is capable to alter the content of data containers and doesn’t allow users to access the data stored inside. It basically uses “Remote Desktop Protocol” (RDP) connections and terminals services in order to attack the targeted work-station. Additionally, it exploits the security vulnerabilities in order to gain access over the file system.

Details about LowLevel04 Ransomware

Once LowLevel04 Ransomware settles down, it adds ransom note in every folder that contains the encrypted file. Many user has reported to see “help recover files.txt” which contains information about the ransomware and email ID to communicate with the related cyber-criminals. The creator of LowLevel04 Ransomware uses two email accounts namely entry122717@gmail.com and entry123488@india.com to contact victim and manage payments. It asks users to pay around 4 Bitcoins which is nearly equals to 300 dollars. However, paying the ransom money is not a very good idea because mostly cyber-criminals ignore the victims and didn’t provide the decryption key once they get the money. And secondly, LowLevel04 Ransomware locks the data on server therefore there is high possibility that the administrator have the backup of locked files. You can also access the encrypted files if you have the virtual copy. And at last, you also have the option of choose free data recovery software which is easily available over Internet. This way, you will be able to access the which has been encrypted.

How to Decrypt/Remove LowLevel04 Ransomware

 Being able to access the encrypted files doesn’t means that your work-station is free from LowLevel04 Ransomware. It is bound to encrypt other files on the server so it is very important that each of its files and codes is removed carefully. So, scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool which will thoroughly scan the PC and remove the suspicious entries, files and anything that has connection with LowLevel04 Ransomware.

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