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Remove main.targo12.com (Complete Manual Removal)

main.targo12.comMy PC has been hijacked by main.targo12.com and it randomly shows bogus notification and commercial pop ups. Several suspicious browser toolbar gets added in the browser and ads displayed everywhere over the screen. The anti-virus scans the PC but it didn’t finds anything suspicious. Please help.

main.targo12.com is a webpage redirect virus that is capable to hijack the System settings as well as browser settings. Its aim is to redirect users over sponsored commercial domain and phishing websites. Due to regular webpage redirection and commercial pop ups, the overall browsing experience degrades gradually. Every single Online activities of users is eventually transmitted over risky webpages. It even uses plug-ins to track sensitive information such as cookies, bookmarks, visited webpage URL’s, browsing pattern and so on. These collected data is shared with third parties and they use it for their own financial benefits.

The scanning reports and error messages that are shown by main.targo12.com is not something that is reliable. It is a concern because it actually is a spam to scam your money. Those users who visit porn websites, do unsafe sharing in peer group, downloads freeware etc. are the soft victims of this malware. It is specialized in executing tricks and scams and the innocent users easily become the victims of it. so, it is advised to delete main.targo12.com as quickly as possible.

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