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Remove .micro File Extension (Step by Step Tutorial)

Has your PC been locked by .micro File Extension? Do you see error messages and file encryption notification when you try to access your PC? This is a very dangerous ransomware that mainly hits the European countries Windows PC. It is circulating of Internet with several of its names. It uses a text file to deliver a note asking for ransom amount and this file has a .micro File Extension. This extension is really strange in its name as well as in working. It is obvious that it asks for a ransom amount to decrypting the locked files but this is not a good idea because this is just wastage of money. In most cases, the important file still remains unlocked even after the ransom amount is paid.

The working mechanism of .micro File Extension is very tricky. Soon after getting installed, it starts compiling the list of most used personal files. The System files are mostly avoided. Now, a severe encryption process starts to lock the personal files and it is replaced with duplicate copies of unreadable and inaccessible files.  Now, every time when you try to access such files then a note appears on the display asking you to pay ransom amount in order to receive the decryption key. Paying the ransom amount is strongly opposed because this is not a solution. This is rather a spam to install additional malware infection. It is important to scan the PC with an automatic .micro File Extension remove tool which as powerful scanning algorithm and programming logics to get rid of such infections.

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