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Remove My.parallaxsearch.com from Browsers (IE, Chrome, Mozilla)


My.parallaxsearch.com is a legitimate looking search engine provider but a little research on it will easily reveal its true color. This is a browser hijacker that secretly alters the Internet browser settings illegally. Further, it tracks the Internet browsing activities of users in order to show customized advertisements and generate bogus search result which is full of dubious websites. No matter whichever query you search, the first five or six results in the search results will be sponsored and unfortunately these domains are totally irrelevant to what you have searched. You may think that the suggested domains are shown by Google or Yahoo but actually it has no connection with them.

My.parallaxsearch.com can easily target any browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE and so on. Any terms in browser such as default homepage, search engine, new tab URL settings etc. are placed with My.parallaxsearch.com domain. If you think that you can roll back these settings then you are wrong because this malware simultaneously installs plug-ins that will not allow you to correct the altered settings. The overall browsing experience gets ruined and diminished due to continuous redirection of webpage.

When My.parallaxsearch.com is replaced as the homepage, you would also notice suspicious browser toolbar added simultaneously. This is a cookie recorder that tracks the Internet browsing activities of users. Its aim is to collect sensitive personal information of users as well as data related to various software and hardware installed in the PC. The personal identifiable information is shared with third parties in order to take illegal advantage and financial benefits. So, you are bound to face severe privacy issues and identity theft. It is strongly advised to remove My.parallaxsearch.com from your browser as quickly as possible.

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