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How to Remove Newtab-media.com pop-up (Essential Process)

I am facing a trouble time because my laptop has come under the attack of Newtab-media.com pop-up. It has amended the browser settings and replaced the default search-engine and homepage with an unknown domain. The legitimate bookmarked webpage has become inaccessible. I checked the browser settings and registry editor but didn’t found suspicious things. I run the anti-virus as well and do detect some risky files but unfortunately failed to uninstall it. Every time the scanning is executed, it detects some new suspicious files. The condition of my laptop performance is still terrible. Please provide an instant solution to fix this problem.

Newtab-media.com pop-up is a highly terrible webpage redirect virus that badly affects the overall browsing performance of PC. It spreads through spam email attachments, peer to peer file sharing, freeware downloads and so on. It downloads several arbitrary files and programs whose processes consume a lot of processes and memory resources. The browser settings are totally messed up and thus user will start facing issues of webpage redirection, commercial pop ups, bogus notification for updating programs like Adobe Flash Player, Java Programs and so on. Several unknown shortcuts are added on the desktop that consumes a lot of space of ‘C’ drive and thus System performance gets extremely slow.

Newtab-media.com pop-up intrudes suspicious plug-ins that records cookies and browsing history in order to scrutinize the user’s activities and to know their habits. This information is shared with third parties in order to customize the sponsored ads and pay-per-click notifications. It is important to avoid Newtab-media.com pop-up as it brings harmful malware in the System and degrades the performance.

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