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How to Remove OMNIBOX.EXE

OMNIBOX.EXE represents an unreliable program designed and developed by SuperNet Technology Co. It has association with a well-known browser hijacker named as omnibnoxes.com which has already infected several Windows based PC in large number. The research team has received maximum queries regarding this malware on how it troubles its victims and tortures them in every possible way. The most recent version is and is capable to occupy the targeted PC without permission. OMNIBOX.EXE is a startup file and becomes active as soon as the System is booted. This is the prime reason why you notice omnibox.com as the default homepage of your browser even if you had removed it previously from the browser settings or control panel.

Since, OMNIBOX.EXE is considered as a potentially unwanted program hence it is not something that you should keep in your PC. It is distributed via “bundling” technique, social engineering scams, peer to peer file sharing, corrupted email attachments, attachment with browser toolbar and so on. If you carelessly download programs from unofficial sources then you will find yourself in trouble. The installation of bundled software pack should be executed very carefully. Read the terms and agreement carefully and choose “Advance” installation process. Stop visiting porn and adult websites, clicking on lucrative schemes, bogus hyperlinks etc. because they could contain malware attachments with it. The sudden appearance of omnibox.com should not underestimate as it is the early symptoms for the presence of OMNIBOX.EXE in your PC. Try to eliminate this vermin as quickly as possible using the simple procedure mentioned below.

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