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How to Remove Palikan.com virus (Removal Solution)

Palikan.com virus is a perilous browser hijacker that illegally alters the default homepage and search engine of your browser. After settling down, it does several malicious activities which adversely affect the overall browsing performance. It will intrude in the marked PC by attaching its files with freeware, games, emails, lucrative attachments and so on. Once it settles down, you would see some major changes in the browser settings including the replacement of Palikan.com as the default homepage. Though it looks like a genuine search engine provider but the search results that it shows should never be trusted. Every query that is searched on it will be responded with irrelevant sponsored websites. When you focus on the search result, you would notice that most of the webpage are sponsored ads. When you click on them, multiple arbitrary tabs open in the browser simultaneously that contain malicious contents including porn and adult fillings.

Palikan.com virus has been created by cyber criminals and its aim is to cheat and misguide the innocent users. Time and again, it shows notification for updating programs like adobe flash player etc. which actually contains malware infection bundled with it. On
performance. You are forced to uses it search services as you are not allowed to restore the previous setting of browser. Another aim of this virus is to conclude the sensitive information of user by spying on the users activities and using key-loggers to record the keyboard strokes. Later, the gathered information are shared to third parties for illegal financial benefits. So, if you want your personal data to be secured and to maintain a smooth PC performance, it is strongly recommended to delete Palikan.com virus immediately.

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