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How to Remove RAA Ransomware

RAA Ransomware is one of the most cunningly designed and advance ransomware that tricks and cheats the innocent users in a lot of ways. Technically, it is written in JavaScript language. It targets Windows based PC and could easily get intruded by bungling its files and codes with email attachments. The attachments containing RAA Ransomware looks like a document having .doc extension. When you open it, there will a corrupted file shown on the screen however it actually encrypts personal files in the background. On System desktop, a file named as!!!README!!![VICTIM’S-UNIQUE-ID].rtf is created. This .rtf files contains ransomware explanation that demands for ransom stating that the personal files has been encrypted because user was involved in some illegal activities and now particular ransom amount is to be paid to unlock the files.

RAA Ransomware pressurizes the innocent victim to pay ransom amount for the private unlocking keys without which the locked files cannot be accessed. The key is sold at the ransom amount of 0.39 Bitcoin which is almost equivalent to $250. The payment instruction is provided with full brief so that money gets easily transferred in the cyber criminal’s account without any trouble. The .rtf file provides the complete information regarding how the ransom money is to be paid. For verification, user are allowed to send particular locked files for decryption and then it is returned in the unlock format a proof that paying the ransom amount will unlock the encrypted files. However, paying the ransom amount should never be supported because the money goes in the account of cyber criminals. It is recommended to scan the PC with a powerful anti-virus and remove all the related files and codes of RAA Ransomware immediately.

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