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Know How to remove s.piesearch.com from Browser (Manual Process)

The default homepage of my browser has been replaced with s.piesearch.com and several unwanted modification has been done in the browser settings. I am unable to restore the previous settings though I reset the browser and uninstalled unknown plug-ins and extensions. By appearance, s.piesearch.com looks like a search engine provider which offers shortcuts for social sharing websites and new channels domains however it is not providing correct and relevant result for search queries. I had noticed that most of the websites that it shows in search result are sponsored commercial domains and its screen is full of pay per click ads. Please help to remove s.piesearch.com from my browser.

On technical ground, s.piesearch.com is a serious browser hijacker that can easily target any popular browsers such as Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer and so on. It secretly adds its plug-ins or browser helper objects on these browsers and begins its malicious activities as soon as the browser is opened. In quick time, it will alter the browsers settings that help cyber criminals. User will notice spam messages and viral redirects that actually promotes useless products and services. Many a time, users are redirected over a bogus webpage which says that you are one of the lucky winners for today’s prize and ask you to reveal your personal identity in order to claim for the prize. However, this are tricks of data theft. The commercial ads are shown on every visited webpage that are related to multiple advertising platforms. These ads are pay-per-click ads and when user clicks on it, commission is granted to its creator. So, it is advised to take quick action to uninstall s.piesearch.com as early as possible.

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