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Remove Search Guard Plus [Step-by-Step Complete Solution]

Complete Details About Search Guard Plus Threat:

While I am surfing on Internet then somehow I don’t know, my browsers homepage replaced with some new and unidentified homepage. After searching a lot inside browser I find Search Guard Plus add-on which I never install in the browsers. Browsers behaving very weird, every page that I visit is completely fill with unwanted advertisements. I am completely annoyed with it; now want a permanent solution to remove Search Guard Plus from my browsers……

Search Guard Plus is a very annoying browser add-ons or extension which falls into Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) category. This type of program is promoted as a network utility and that’s why it is capable to gather users IP address and location by connecting their Computer to private VPN servers. Its presence causes different bad effects on the PC that it infects any Windows PC after installing some freeware third party programs from various sources. There are many freeware applications which can includes this adware program with them and when you installing first one Search Guard Plus automatically get installed. It will generally appear in the browsers Windows because the advertisements and its malicious products need to be downloaded from the Internet and the browsers has the full access of that.

Search Guard Plus capable to collect different types of information from PC and use them to display its bogus ads. All its deployed ads are generally related with Online shopping, warning messages and other. It is suggested by the threat researchers to not continue with any of its ads as they are harmful for the PC and your identity. So, users have to delete Search Guard Plus from their System, as all of us know prevention is better than cure.

Search Guard Plus create some of its files as:

  1. C:\Program Files\Search Guard Plus\uninstalSGPU.exe
  2. C:\Program Files\Search Guard Plus\sgpUpdaters.exe [MD5-775bf57eca4912ab05ca0424f2d958a1]
  3. sgpUpdaters.exe

Users also have to block some domain name founded as:

  • www.searchguardplus.com
  • www.searchguradplus.com/Uninstall.aspx

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