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How to Remove Search.inkcamel.com from Windows PC


Search.inkcamel.com is another iteration of fake search engine provider which is identical to many of the popular browser hijacker circulating over Internet. It claims as if it will provide most relevant result for search queries and tries to convince that it is a legitimate domain. There are some shady installers and bundlers that promote Search.inkcamel.com and secretly alter the basic settings of browser. Additionally, this is a security threat because it constantly gathers sensitive information of users especially related to browsing activities.

When you open your browser, it will shock you that how the default homepage got changed to Search.inkcamel.com without your permission. The next steps is the installation of suspicious ‘browser objects’ that restricts users to correct the illegally amendment of important settings. The overall browsing experience gets significantly diminished due to constant unwanted webpage redirection. Further, it drops questionable plug-ins and add-ons in the browser in order to cheat sensitive personal identifiable information such as username, password, and bank account details and so on.  This private data are shared with third parties and is misused for illegal purposes. This kind of data tracking eventually leads to a huge financial loss. It is very important to uninstall all the recently installed suspicious plug-ins and add-ons and never visit suspicious questionable websites again. Search.inkcamel.com will always manipulate you and will ask you to invest your money on useless products and services.

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